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We provide pest control services to various companies, local authorities and residents. Our technicians are fully trained and have proven qualifications in pest and bird control. We provide the highest standard of customer service. We offer complete solutions to overcome any kind of pest infestation. We provide services like bird proofing, rodent controls, pest controls, specialist cleaning, etc.

Our photo service is very unique. When we inspect your property, we take pictures of the pests or insects that crawl around your house. We also take pictures of droppings and nests in order to identify what kind of pests may be infesting your property. We have an expert entomologist in our company who identifies the type of pest or bug from the photographs. This helps us implement a unique and comprehensive pest control treatment for your home or office.


We provide detailed specifications so that you know for what service you are paying for. Our contracts are tailored to your needs. Certain conditions require multiple treatments. We will assess your situation and let you know about the number of treatments required prior to signing the contract. We document all our findings for any future actions. Besides our regular service, we provide emergency services as well.

Our staffs are very experienced. They are polite and committed to their work. Our staffs will advice you on the most cost effective solution for pest control. They will also give you advice on how to prevent pests from infesting your home and how to keep your premises clean all the time. We are equipped with modern tools and we know the latest technologies to apply in pest control treatment. You can rely on us for all your pest control problems. Please contact us for further details about our various treatment plans. Please don't hesitate to contact us - or our Partners in Toronto, Canada - Bed Bug Exterminators of Toronto.

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    There are some pests and bugs that are very common in our households. We need to struggle over the year to keep them away from our houses. Here are the most common household pests and bugs. Ants This is the most common pest present in residents. Ants make their nests in cracks in the sidewalk, driveway and foundation. They don’t sting but they can become nuisance when they get inside and rummage through your cabinets or garbage. A species of ant called ‘carpenter ants’ can […]
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    Bed bugs are creepy things that make your skin itchy and crawly. They are usually found in beds, that’s why they are called ‘bed bugs’. When you are asleep, bed bugs will prey on you. They don’t spread disease but they can make itchy bites marks on your skin just like mosquitoes. Some people may have allergic reactions due to bed bugs. Bed bugs have some unique physical appearances. The adult bed bug is about 5mm long which is the size of an apple seed. They have a rusty […]

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