3 physical characteristics of bed bugs


Bed bugs are creepy things that make your skin itchy and crawly. They are usually found in beds, that’s why they are called ‘bed bugs’. When you are asleep, bed bugs will prey on you. They don’t spread disease but they can make itchy bites marks on your skin just like mosquitoes. Some people may have allergic reactions due to bed bugs. Bed bugs have some unique physical appearances.

  • The adult bed bug is about 5mm long which is the size of an apple seed. They have a rusty brown body. Th shape of their body is oval and flat.
  • Bed bugs don’t have any wings. They have prominent antennae. They have small compound eyes. The area behind their head sticks out forward on each side.
  • When the bed bug feeds, its body swells up. It’s skin turns more red in color. So, it’s easy to tell whether the bed bug had its meal or not.

bedbugsBed buds are difficult to see with the naked eye. They look like lentils. They are oval-shaped, flat and up to 5mm long. Their color can vary between dark yellow, red or brown. Female bed bugs lay eggs in small batches. They do son on wood or paper. Bed bugs need to feed on blood. Adult bed bugs can survive for a year without feeding. Bed bugs are attracted to dirt. So, if you have bed bugs in your house it means that you house is not clean. Bed bugs are most commonly found in hostels and hotels. Whenever you see any unexplained itchy bump or skin rash you will know that these are bed bug bites. If you find any black spots on your mattress, those are probably dried faeces of bed bugs. Keep your house clean all the time and you will reduce the chance of bed bugs infesting your home.

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