4 common household pests and bugs


There are some pests and bugs that are very common in our households. We need to struggle over the year to keep them away from our houses. Here are the most common household pests and bugs.


This is the most common pest present in residents. Ants make their nests in cracks in the sidewalk, driveway and foundation. They don’t sting but they can become nuisance when they get inside and rummage through your cabinets or garbage. A species of ant called ‘carpenter ants’ can cause major structural damage to homes and businesses.


Fleas need blood to breed. They like sandy areas. They bite humans when there is no animal around. Fleas are brought into houses on peoples clothes when they come from outside. Fleas may also be transported on beds. Fleas can be found on cats and dogs. So, it’s better to keep your pets outside the house in order to reduce infestation of fleas inside your house.

Carpet beetles

These can infest powdered milk, grains, protein mixes, leather furnishings, wool clothes, human air, dead insects, etc. A species of carpet beetles, known as ‘Dermestids’, are found outside. If you leave your window or door open in the spring or summer, these beetles can get into your house. You should keep your foods in airtight containers to prevent carpet beetles from invading.


They are often seen to invade homes. They are usually found in the garden under logs or rocks. They don’t pose any threats to humans. They also don’t harm plants. They coil up when disturbed. They feed on decaying plant material.
Some species require extensive measures for eradication. Others can be handled by the homeowners easily. If you see your pest growth getting out of control then contact a pest control expert immediately.

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