There can be many pest species in your area. Some pests pose a much higher risk than others. For example, bed bugs create problems for hotels, moths cause problem with stock damage and product contamination. We provide photo services to identify pest that are infesting your property. Identification of the exact species of pests allows us to provide an accurate and more reliable pest control treatment for your property.



Garden ants are black in color. They have a segmented body. Worker ants are 5 mm in length and the queen ant is 15mm long. These ants are found in the gardens. They create a nuisance by entering kitchen and look out for sweet foods. They do not contain any germs or spread diseases. In order to prevent these ants from entering your home you should clear away food or liquid spillages immediately and clean food debris from the kitchen. You can call us to control the infestation of black ants in your house. Pharaoh’s ant is another category of ants that are smaller in size than the black ants. Their color is yellow. They live in large heated buildings. These ants carry harmful germs that they pick up when feeding. These ants are difficult to eradicate and so you need professional help.

Bed bugs


Bed bugs can be of two types. Common bed bugs are found in dwellings and Martin bug is found in birds’ nests. Common bed bugs are wingless and are 5mm long. They have six legs and two antennae. They have a flat shape and are red-brown in color. After a meal, their color turns to purple and they become more rounded in shape. They hid in mattresses, under bed bases, within bed frames, wall sockets, etc. They are also found in clothings and furnishings. Bed bugs don’t carry any disease; but they can interrupt one’s sleep. They can cause allergy and inflammation in arms and shoulders. We can expertly handle bed bug situations in your house. Bed Bugs can be solved in Toronto by our Partners, the Bed Bug Exterminator Toronto team.



These are large insects. Their sizes vary from 10mm to 23 mm in length. German and Oriental cockroaches are two kinds of cockroaches that are mostly found in homes. German cockroach prefers a warm and moist environment. It can swim, fly and climb on smooth surfaces easily. The Oriental cockroach is found inside heated buildings like hotels and hospitals. It is shiny and black in color. It cannot fly or climb; but can move very quickly. If you have a cockroach problem in your house, then you can call us to eradicate them.

We help our clients to protect their homes and businesses from the risk of pest infestation. We provide this photo service in order to design an effective program for pest control.